The Bible

Below are three articles about the Bible itself. Much more could be written, but I wanted to do these.

Textual Criticism and the Bible

Does anyone truly believe he/she possesses original Biblical documents?

Well, if you don’t have what Moses or Paul (etc.) actually penned ... then you must have some sort of copy.

So, how far removed is it from the original documents of Moses and Paul and the rest?

God truly does want us to investigate matters ... and to think. (3 pages)

Textual Criticism* (pdf)


Translations and the Bible

Why are there so many different Bible translations?

And how difficult is such an undertaking?  How much is known about the Koine Greek or Hebrew scriptures?

Well, let’s pull back the curtain a bit and see what a Bible translator is facing.

Who knows - you might decide to become one! (3 pages)

Translations* (pdf)


The 1611 Authorized King James Translation of the Bible ...

... and the Bible.

Did you know you have never read the King James Translation?

You may think you have ... but you haven’t.

Why hasn’t anyone ever told you this? (3 pages)

KJV Translation* (pdf)