#11 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Stars in a Mud Puddle with Photo (pdf)


So, if you see the reflection of a star in a mud puddle ... is that where the star is?

So, a Christian in some mud puddle here, is seated there?

“But God ... raised us up with Him,

and has seated us with Him in the heavenly realms -  in Christ Jesus” (Eph2:4,6).

#12 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - The Nobleman with Photo (pdf)


He either is ... or He isn’t.

He has either made us with gifts, talents and abilities ... or He hasn’t.

He is either going to hold us responsible for how we used these attributes ... or He won’t.

Wrong conclusions about all this will either matter ... or it won’t.

It will.

#13 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Living One with Photo (pdf)


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the stamp of authority as to the authenticity of His claims.