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So, what might you find here?

Is information from one of the oldest books ... relevant today?

This perennial best seller is misrepresented - more often than not.
So, what does the Bible actually teach about sex? About work? About money? About abortion? About government? About religious frauds? About love? About death? About evolution ... homosexuality ... the end of the world ... the afterlife ... or capital punishment? And what is the Bible’s main point?

This is what you will find here:

Each free Christian Article and Ebook is an in-depth discussion on the particular topic. God's word is applied directly to any contrary position for your review. It is by this method, myths in science and culture are exposed - and dispatched!

It is amazing how relevant God's word is to every culture ... of every age!

The prose poem below expresses my motives ... and motivations.

Freely I Give Because Freely I Have Been Given!   

On April 17, 1977, I became a Christian.

In the ensuing days, weeks, months and years, God has never charged me a penny -
For his knowledge ...
For His wisdom ...
For His understanding ...
or for His comfort, encouragement, guidance, hope, joy, promises, present actions - or ongoing pardon.

He is never going to charge me a penny -
for eternal life ...
an immortal body ...
a place in an incorruptible new heavens and new earth ...
or for all the immeasurable riches He has decided to lavish upon me - for all eternity.

Anything I know that has any true value - has been freely given to me.

There are many ways I am not like God.
Very often, I do not act like Him ...
react like Him ...
talk like Him ...
or think like Him.
But, this is one time I have decided to be like God.

To me - He has freely given.  So, to you - I freely give!  But ...

Do not mistake “free” - with “cheap.”
Do not assume this material is simple.
Do not assume it is shallow.
Do not be deceived into thinking it is naive ... or narrow in breadth.

I will challenge you - time and time again.
I will measure you - and expose your shallowness and inconsistency of thought ... and errors.
I will change how you view some things - maybe how you view a lot of things.
Things like love, death, and money.
Things like abortion, evolution, sex, and government ... just to name a few.

If you are a mental adventurer - I will not disappoint you.
I will make you think ... and rethink.
Assess ... and reassess.
Examine ... and reexamine.
You will come away from my work ... different.

So now that you’re here - come on in!
The only cost is your time and energy of thought.
I do not intend on wasting either.

Robin Calamaio

Academic Credentials for those needing them:

Associate of Divinity (1986) Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

Bachelor of Arts (1990)
Major in Business Administration and a Minor in Bible
Milligan College, Milligan, Tennessee

Master of Divinity (1992)
Emmanuel School of Religion, Johnson City, Tennessee
Elected to the International Society of Theta Phi (1992). 

More author information on About Author page.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, Why do I Give all My Articles (and Music) Away?

      That is a good question. There are several reasons. But before stating them, know that I do believe these Ebooks and Articles are valuable - and they did require a lot of work. Also, I have invested a good deal of time and money securing the academic and ministry credentials listed above. So, why do I give my work away?

1. The chance of securing a book deal is probably about zero.  Publishers are primarily looking for celebrities, or previously established writers, to invest in - so, I haven't wasted my time ... or theirs.

2. Anything of value in my writings has come to me free of charge.  Therefore, if I have gained accurate Bible’s insight on any topic, it seems strange to place a money barrier in front of that insight.

3. The Internet, with its ability to download electronic books, is an incredible development.  This makes it easy to share my work free of charge.  The possibility of influencing your thinking, priorities and values ... is treasure far beyond money.

4.  But here is another big deal to me. Each of my readers fall into one of three groups:  A current brother/sister, a brother/sister to-be, or a never-to-be-redeemed individual (which I hope is zero after exposure to my work).  Why would I want the money ... of any one of them?

       Hoping the previous statements reflect a genuine honesty, some readers may see this work as an investment opportunity.  But this is a conditional deal.

  1. God is opposite of the world.  I want you to first vet these materials, and if you qualify financially, you can respond. Who qualifies? Read “Compliance Directives for the Christian’s Cash and the Bible” and you will then know!

2. Money is a tool.  An evil of money resides only in the hand it occupies.  Use your money to your best benefit.

3. As an investment:  If God uses the materials here to strengthen or otherwise expand His Kingdom, you will be eternally recompensed by Him.

As a Christian, the first priority is to share God’s information with others through any appropriate vehicle that is available to us. Tell the message first!  If money is a necessary tool to one’s witness, it will come.  As far as this material is concerned, as God has freely given to me, I freely give to you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The Way I Write

When one takes a strong position on a controversial subject, those who oppose are often offended. My first year Greek teacher shared one of his sermon titles. I never heard the sermon ... but I did hear the title. "The Difference Between Causing a Brother to Stumble ... and Offending a Self-Righteous Pharisee."  So, my hope is to only create offenses in that vein.

But, here are a couple of other possible “flash points” outside of the actual substance of my writing.

Stylistically, if you are looking for Kate Turabian, you won't find her here.  If informal, colloquial English makes you cringe - well. I often write like I talk - a lot of “expressions." But, I am put off by academic hollowness masked in formality, thesauruses, and exclusionary vocabulary designed to project intelligence (like this sentence I just wrote).  The use of big words, technical words, or foreign words does not, in itself, prove the accuracy (or validity) of thought when seeking to reveal the truth about God on a subject (for example, many misuse New Testament Greek and, unfortunately, those unfamiliar with that language can be easily misled). But, to completely reject some degree of decorum in style and vocabulary is its own form of juvenile rebellion. This is one time "middle of the road" may be best.

Grammatically, I sometimes mix numbers (persons), use contractions, and leave prepositions at the end of sentences.  Sometimes, I even use double negatives (incidentally, Koine Greek employs double and even triple negatives for emphasis.  If God uses such a literary devise, you might reconsider this "offense").

And there are other offenses to be had - just in the mechanics of my writing.  Some will not like my use of the dash, or bolding, or italics.

But, Concerning substance: Many times I violate the ordinary principles of persuasion. I will assign base motives to those in a contrary camp and make no attempt to separate them from those motives (you know the, “separating the sin from the sinner” philosophy).  Sometimes, I have probably gone over the top with some sarcasm and even “humorous” mocking of a contrary position. But, I hope my motive has been to shock one’s thinking - not a display of a condescending arrogance on my part. But, my anger at those who teach very harmful error - when they should know better - is at the root of some of my probable excesses.

However, when dismembering contrary persuasions, I have tried to avoid creating  a " Straw Man."  To mischaracterize, misquote, or otherwise misrepresent the opposition - and tear that to pieces - accomplishes nothing.  That is an attack upon air.  Meanwhile, "The Real Man" remains unscathed - amused at the wasted energy.  In order to bring down "The Real Man" one must attack "The Real Man."  My goal is to speed error's demise.  I can only succeed by causing it genuine injury.  This I seek.

The defense for my writing style lies in this fact.  Had I tried to write the way others might want, these materials would never have come into being.  The fun of writing would have been killed.  I have written these as much for myself as anyone else.  Much of this has been churning inside me for twenty plus years and, for my own well being, I needed to get it out.  The truth about God on so many fronts has been compromised - to the detriment of all.  So, for good or bad, well or ill, the reason these Ebooks and Articles have been written the way they are is because this is - The Way I Write.

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