More can be said, but here are three articles on sexuality.

Sex and the Bible

What does the Bible teach about sex ... about marriage, divorce and remarriage?

What about homosexuality?

This Article is, “Just the facts, Ma’am.” However, four End Notes offer some prevalent interpretations of those facts.

This is a great opportunity to educate yourself and this lends itself to a great Bible Study.  A must read! (5 pages)

Sex* (pdf)


The First Homosexual and the Bible

If everyone is naturally heterosexual, then where did the first homosexual ... come from?  If simply a learned behavior ... from whom did the first homosexual learn?  Why have millions of individuals chosen sexual activity, relationships and social structures unnatural to them - if they are truly heterosexual?  A must read.  (9 pages)

First Homosexual* (pdf)


Masturbation and the Bible

One of my readers asked me about this topic and requested I write an article on it.

Some contend single Christians have the liberty to masturbate as the Bible is silent on this issue. Is this correct?

Does one's position on this matter impact anything else ... spiritually

Another ... must read.

Masturbation* (pdf)