#1 - “Explanation of the Drawing"

There is a reason for every element of this drawing which goes to the song below! Listen, learn, live!

MM - For This Reason Alone (pdf)


Participation in the Lord’s Supper has opportunity - and danger.

This is a matter that each of us will do well to investigate. The song is in the button below and my article explaining this drawing is also below. If you go to my YouTube page, I also have a video explains the lyrics to this song! 

#2 - “Explanation of the Drawing

So, what did Jesus write on the ground? Read about this drawing, then listen to the song below! Listen,learn,live!

MM - Adulterous Woman (pdf)


This is a tremendous account. The adulterous woman herself is really not even the primary point - or player - in this event. Most think it is about her - but it’s not :) Listen to the song, but read the explanation of the drawing above also!

#3 - “Explanation of the Drawing"

MM - Glory to God (pdf)


Of all my songs, many listeners have told me this is a top shelf one. I like all my songs, but I do know this is one that tells my story quite well :)

#4 - Explanation of Drawing

MM - Treasure Chest (pdf)


Open Up and Listen

This is the key to becoming a Christian ... and it is the key to growing as a Christian.

“A fool does not delight in understanding, but only in airing his own opinions.” Pr 18:2

That gets real shallow real quick.

#5 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Most Blessed Life (pdf)


So, what is the best way to live? What makes for the most productive life?

What is ... The Most Blessed Life? 

#6 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Blindman (pdf)



To have been there!

#7 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Hedges (pdf)


There are myriads of benefits a person gains when he/she calls upon the Lord.

I sometimes call them, “perks."

Here is a big one!

I call it, “Hedges in No Man’s Land."

#8 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Rejected Stone (pdf)


“Lovingkindness - and truth - have met together,

righteousness - and peace - have kissed each other.” (Ps 85:10)

That is the work of the cross in just a few words

#9 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - With the Other Hand (pdf)


“It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick” (Mt 9:12).

If you do not see your sin problem, you will not seek, or see, the remedy for your problem.

"May I point out your sin with no compromisin'

while at the same time pointing’ with the other hand to Him ...."

#10 - Explanation of the Drawing

MM - Commander (pdf)


We are in a war.

We exist in a war zone.

What army are you in and who is your commander?

There is no “opt out” option available to any of us.