Man’s Nature

So is man basically good ... or basically evil?

The way one answers this has a profound impact on one’s entire world view.

This can not be overstated.

Below are 4 articles that just touch this matter.

Man's Nature: One's Metaphysical Imprint and the Bible

Where do personal abilities and aptitudes come from?

And why do people do so many bad things?  And why are people so different?

It matters ... that we are more than matter. (3 pages)

Man's Nature* (pdf)


The Nature of Jesus' Temptations and the Bible

How can Jesus sympathize with our weaknesses - when He did not have a sin nature?

And wouldn't our struggles against sin be harder because of our sin nature?

This article ... will be worth your time.  (5 pages)

Jesus' Temptations* (pdf)


The First Homosexual and the Bible

If everyone is naturally heterosexual, then where did the first homosexual ... come from?

If simply a learned behavior ... from whom did the first homosexual learn? 

And why have millions of individuals chosen sexual activity, relationships and social structures unnatural to them ...

if they are truly heterosexual?  A must read.  (9 pages)

First Homosexual* (pdf)


The Natural Man, The Old Man and the Bible

Is divine justice ... evil?  Is divine mercy ... owed?

What is man's situation, what is his condition, according to the Bible?

If you are breathing, which you are, this is material you should acquaint yourself with ... even if you do not yet believe it.

(7 pages)

Natural Man & Old Man* (pdf)