My Songs

"Sing unto the Lord a new song. Play skillfully with a shout of joy” (Ps 33:3).

I started doing that ... before He ever told me I should!

Some details about my original music

I play an acoustic twelve string guitar in 3 different tunings: Standard, Open E and Open C.

I flatpack and fingerpick - and in many songs do both with my invented toehold guitar pick. I also have some songs that use a glass slide. 

I have decided to do home recordings with as good of quality as I can muster while I still have the ability to play and sing.

I think I have 177 original Christian songs (82 uploaded on YouTube as of this writing 7/19) - but I also had about 40 pre-Christian originals. I would like to record 10-12 of those as I was desperately searching for answers in life .. with no idea it was Jesus I was looking for.

So the point of recording those will be that if anyone can relate to those searching songs - they will know that I found all I was looking for in the carpenter of Nazareth. Astounding. If He grants me continued life and health I will get all my songs recorded - and the Commentary/Sermonette that goes with each one. I even have 13 drawings I did that go with 13 of my songs and I do an “Explanation of the Drawing” when that particular song gets recorded.

Also, I have two daughters who have  pitched in on some of these. 

My Eldest, Staci, actually wrote the lyrics to 3 of my tunes and added harmonies in a few others.

Claire, my youngest, has added harmonies to several songs as well and I only wish they both hadn’t gotten away from me so fast so I could have been able to get them to do more. But, I'm happy to get what I could - and my hope is that in glory we will be granted unrestricted opportunities to create music that will cause great joy in the presence of the angels of God.

And Who do you think is in their presence in great joy? That’s my goal. None other.



If I live long enough, I hope to get a unique Christian Music site up and running. It would feature original Christian Music found nowhere else - and I already have all the text for all the web pages complete.  Contact me if you feel God may be pulling you to know more.

The Founder's Music Testimony

Every Christian has a testimony.

The primary testimony is a re-counting of how one’s soul was transferred from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of light.

But once this transfer has taken place, God begins transforming various areas of a Christian’s life.

So, ... other testimonies are created.  This is my music testimony.  (12 pages)

Music Testimony* (pdf)