Death - The Bible vs. Evolution

If there is one subject that separates these two world views more ...

(other than Creator vs Atheism) I can’t name it.

Following the ebook, I have other spin off articles below

relating to this “competition."

Death and the Bible (Ebook)

Death affects everything in our lives.  Creation has been affected.  Our bodies have been affected.  Our personalities have been affected.  What the Bible says about death applies to every one of those things.  The study of death in the Bible is an exercise of the first order.  What the Bible says about death is a bedrock for understanding what it says about life - now and hereafter.

There are three types of death in the Bible to which we may succumb.  Do you know what they are - and if they can be avoided?

Additionally, to study death in the Bible - and believe its exceptional claims - will place adherents in direct opposition with the theory of evolution.  In fact, what the Bible says about death totally undermines evolution - before it can even forward its first speculation!  The Bible attacks the very engine that drives evolutionary theory ... death itself!  

But, ... is there a possible, viable, middle ground as so many claim? (41 pages)

Death* (pdf)


"I Went From a Believer to an Unbeliever ... in Evolution"

A point came when I knew it took more faith to believe in Evolution - than the Creation Account of Genesis.  Doubt this?  Here are five basic evolutionary beliefs that require a faith more massive than any faith a Biblical Creationist must muster. (6 pages)

Believer to Unbeliever* (pdf)


"Death and Life and the Bible"

Evolution and the Bible are at opposite poles on the subject of death.  They are also at odds on the subject of life - its origin, purpose and destination.  Did you know the Bible teaches that three deaths are possible for man?  And you have already experienced one!  The Bible also distinguishes between being alive - and having life!  This is a must read for any human - and you qualify! (5 pages)

Death And Life* (pdf)


"Evolution's First Male and the Bible"

Of anything that is - there was a first one.  There was a first song, first dollar bill, first ebook.  There also was a first male.  Could evolution get to "him"?  Is the Biblical alternative plausible? (12 pages)

Evolution's First Male* (pdf)


Atheism, the Atheist and the Bible

Did you know there are two different kinds of atheists? It's possible the Bible doesn't even address one of them. But, ... He will. You gotta read this one. (4 pages)

Atheism, The Atheist and the Bible* (pdf)


"Logic, The Trinity, Naturalism and the Bible"

What is more logical - The Trinity or atheistic evolution? (15 pages)

Logic, the Trinity and the Bible* (pdf)


"Evolution and Homosexuality"

How does homosexuality fit in with evolution?  Is it a “viable alternative lifestyle?”  Do Evolutionists recognize “civil rights” for man?  God is left out of this document ... and Evolutionists are called upon for answers. (15 pages)

Evolution and Homosexuality* (pdf)