All of Christianity is “personal” ...

... in that all of God’s matters affect us personally. But, the contents of these articles are particularly practical and are to be held quite close.

Missions and the Bible

I bet ... you are a foreign missionary.

I bet  ... you do not know who you are in Jesus Christ.

Well, at least in regard to your work in this age.  Do you want to bet? (10 pages)

Missions* (pdf)


Forgiving Others and the Bible

When sinned against, is it the Christian's first duty ... to forgive the offender?

Many emphatically answer, "Yes!!"

Well, as you already suspect, this article challenges such an assumption.

If you have ever been sinned against ... you may want to read it. (9 pages)

Forgiving Others* (pdf)


Personal Happiness and the Bible

Is personal happiness dependent upon external circumstances?

Is this elusive state one that can be cultivated in concert with - or even in spite of - those external circumstances?

People long for it ... but even the fabulously wealthy say it can't be bought.

Well, I have searched too - and this is part of what I have found.  (8 pages)

Personal Happiness* (pdf)


Vexed Daily and the Bible

What can we possibly learn from a man who lived 4000 years ago?

Can the sordid account about Lot, and his wife and daughters, be even remotely relevant to us  - today?

Well, ... come and see. (11 pages)

Vexed Daily* (pdf)


The Common Man and the Bible

Is every person unique, special and precious in God’s sight?

Or does God identify a common man?  If so, what makes one common?

Does He count you - a common man?  I think you will be glad you read this. (2 pages)

Common Man* (pdf)


My Last Article and the Bible

We all have a finite amount of time before we die.  But, do we really KNOW that?

Why is death is universal - and yet so surprising?  Does the Bible address such an issue?

If so, does it encourage - or discourage - us?  After all, we are all heading toward our "Last Article."  (4 pages)

My Last Article* (pdf)


Me and the Bible

So where does my responsibility begin and end in reference to the Bible itself?

Where does yours? I believe this one will change your thinking. (12 pages) 

Me and the Bible* (pdf)