So, is there a Problem between Man and God?

Below are two tracks to this. 

The Stick Gospel Presentation shows a method of how to share the gospel message with others.

But there is also the presentation to you and a couple of articles discussing this message from God to us.

So, listen, learn, and you will live!

“The Stick Figure Gospel Presentation"

Are you looking for a simple way to present the Bible’s main point?  Would you like to find a method that assures you systematically address each element of that message ... without making you sound like a robot? If so, then check this presentation out! (12 pages)

Stick Gospel* (pdf)


"The Central Message of the Bible"

The Bible was finished 2000 years ago.  Is there a main point?  If so, what is it?  Is that point relevant today?  This is a great opportunity to educate yourself and learn the central point of this perennial best seller! (5 pages)

Central Message* (pdf)


" 'Why a Roman Cross?' and the Bible"

Was it necessary that God-in-the-flesh die ... on a cross?  Did this method of exit somehow make His blood more powerful?  If you haven’t really thought much on this, you might now. (3 pages)

Why a Roman Cross?* (pdf)