Important Topics

Each of these Articles “Stand Alone."

Each address some important theological topic that will benefit the Christian soul.

And, I hope, the pre-Christian soul!

The Central Message of the Bible

The Bible was finished 2000 years ago.  Is there a main point?  If so, what is it?

Is that point relevant today?

This is a great opportunity to educate yourself and learn the central point of this perennial best seller! (5 pages)

Central Message* (pdf)


Cherishing Jesus Christ and the Bible

Is this ... essential for salvation?

If so, why isn't this taught?

While I can't be sure of this at this time, it may be that God has kept me alive long enough so as to get this one out.

(11 pages)

Cherishing Jesus* (pdf)


'Why a Roman Cross?' and the Bible

Was it necessary that God-in-the-flesh die ... on a cross?

Did this method of exit somehow make His blood more powerful?

If you haven’t really thought much on this, you might now. (3 pages)

Why a Roman Cross?* (pdf)


"How Much of the Bible Can a Person Not Believe ...

... and still be okay?"

The title of this Article ... is a really good question.  Actually, it is an extremely good question.

In fact, the only thing better than it is ... the answer. (3 pages)

How Much Not Believe?* (pdf)


Count the Cost: Rejected for Christ, and the Bible

When Jesus said, "Count the cost" - what was He talking about?

Should persecution and rejection be expected - when seeking to benefit others?

If so, what should one's reaction be - and why?

The Christian life consists of building blocks. Here is one. (3 pages)

Count Cost* (pdf)


Why Would A Perfect God Make Imperfect Beings?

If God is perfect, then why has He made such a flawed world?

Is there an answer to this? (3 pages)

Perfect God* (pdf)


The Royal Priesthood and the Bible

Do you have any idea who you really are in Jesus Christ?

I need to read this again myself. It might change my life. (12 pages)

Royal Priesthood* (pdf)


"Voices - The Voice of the Flesh, The Voice of Demons ...

... the Voice of God and the Bible”.

Every communique springs from a rudimentary source - and that “voice” has an accompanying value system and agenda.  We would serve ourselves well to properly identify the fount that is generating some message toward us -

and know if it is friend or foe.  That is the purpose ... of this communique. (3 pages)

Voices* (pdf)


Satan, Fallen Angels, Us and the Bible

I really think you will find this material on these spiritual beings quite unique.

I do not think you will regret the time spent reading this article. (13 pages)

Satan, Fallen Angels, Us* (pdf)


The Anger of God and the Bible

Does God get angry?  If so, why?

And what is He wanting to accomplish by it?

I doubt you have ever read anything ... quite like this. (3 pages)

Anger of God* (pdf)


The Confounding Power of God, The Christian, and the Bible

Have you ever been confronted with a list of “Bible Contradictions?” Do they rattle you?  Well, here is on Christian apologist who enjoys studying them.  Find out why they do not shake him up! (3 pages)

Confounding Power* (pdf)


Christian: The Best Things You Can Do for Your Country

Are you alarmed over the moral condition - and direction - of your country?  Is there anything you can do about it?

There are two things you can do for your country that may be the difference between the life ... and death of it.

You probably do not fully realize how much power you have in this matter.  And you can do both of these things. (2 pages)

Best Things for Country* (pdf)


A Christian Website and the Bible

Does the Bible say anything about a Christian website?

How could it?  That Book was completed two thousand years ago!  Well, you may find some surprises here.

This material may even cause thinkers ... to rethink! (2 pages)

Christian Website* (pdf)


The End of the World and the Bible

This Article examines the two major end times systems - where they agree, disagree and why.

After reading this, you will know more than most adherents of either system! (4 pages)

End of the World* (pdf)


Heaven and the Bible - The Short Version

Heaven will be ... ? What will it be like? What will I be like?  What will we be able to do?

Does the Bible give any clues about this?

Fortunately, there is quite a bit of information, but here is "the short version."  (2 pages)

Heaven* (pdf)


Hell and the Bible - The Short Version

Can a more disagreeable subject be written about?

Is Hell a religious invention of threat - intended to induce better behavior?

Anyone who deals with the Bible must deal with the material on this topic.  Here is a start.  (2 pages)

Hell* (pdf)


"13 Reasons for Calamity, Disease, Accidents ...

... Afflictions, Mayhem and the Bible”.

Can any sense be made of the body blows of life?

Are we simply the victims of random mayhem - or is there some purpose behind life's troubles?

And, is it wrong to ask, ..."Why?"  Well, come and see! (4 pages)

13 Reasons "Why"* (pdf)