"Matthew 18:15-17 as a Procedure for Addressing Offenses Between Christians”

This is my Master Thesis for a Master of Divinity (1992).
  It was written for professors - so ... I shelved it.

But, I recently re-read it ... and decided it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered.  Though written for “academia,” you still might find it worth your time investment. Now, ... to just do what it says ... (35 pgs - but the last 15 pgs are credits, etc.).

Master Thesis - "Matthew 18:15-17 ...Addressing Offenses..."

Jesus gave directives on how to address offenses between professing believers.

That means ... He knew they would come.

This is simple ... and hard.

I had to defend this thesis before two professors assigned to me.

After responding to a particular challenge by one of them, they began arguing with each other over the point I made.

I didn’t have to do much after that ... I just sat back and let them battle it out :)

I passed .

Master Thesis* (pdf)