Your Cash!

The ebook and articles below are to help you know what God thinks about your money. He is extremely practical as He develops our relationship ... with money!

You are in for some pleasant surprises!

No Tithe for the Christian

Does God require the Christian to tithe?

 Is 10% of our gross earnings to go to the local church every week for life?  That’s the required tithe?

These questions need correct answers!  We are accountable for our money - how we use ... and direct ... its use!

So, what do you actually know about the tithe?  Well, let's find out! (36 pages)

The Tithe Test

Instructions: 20 questions. This test will take 3 to 5 minutes - tops!

Take it "cold" (now) before reading my ebook!

Write your answers on a sheet of paper and then grade yourself.

You can get the answers at the bottom of the test. (4 pages) 


Tithe Test* (pdf)


Urgent Inquiry to all who Teach Tithing for Christians Today

 If you teach (or believe) there is a tithe for Christians - surely you can address these 4 simple questions.

If you don’t do it now, you will when you stand before Jesus Himself. After all, He is the Boss of the Church. (1 page)

Urgent "tithe" questions* (pdf)


Who Tithed in the Bible?

So, who did tithe in the Bible ... particularly under the Mosaic Law?

Do you think all the Israelites tithed?

This may be a real shocker for you - especially the first six pages! (19 pages)

Tithe Occupations* (pdf)


Compliance Directives For The Christian’s Cash and the Bible

Does it matter to God what we do with our $$ cash?

Does He have designs for it - and if so, does it make any sense?

And is it possible the church itself is a threat to one's compliance before our Creator? "Come, and see."  (13 pages)

Cash Compliance* (pdf)


The Christian’s Money and the Bible

This is a spin-off article in response to a reader's email.

You may find this ... interesting! But, read it last. (4 pages)

The Christian's Money (an email)* (pdf)