Is God actually interested in hearing from us?

If so, are their any “groundrules” for being heard?

The 3 articles here are a starting point.

The Foundation For Received Prayer, and the Bible

Why do people pray?  But, does God even exist?

Can He hear us - and does He care about our situations?

The Bible addresses these questions ... even if you do not like the answers! (3 pages)

Prayer Foundation* (pdf)


The Content of Received Prayer, and the Bible

What should a person pray about?  Are some areas "off limits?"

How can we know God's will about anything anyway?

This Article answers these questions and more.  And in it you will find ... this author's greatest regret. (3 pages)

Prayer Content* (pdf)


The First Received Prayer (“Metanoeo"/Repent) and the Bible

Firsts ... are memory makers.

Many never forget their first night away from home, first solo bike ride, or first love.

But, what about the first prayer your Creator accepts from you?  When that happens ... what happens?

And is there some specific content that needs to be in that prayer?

This Article is ... unique.  You might even change your mind about some things. (13 pages)

Prayer - Metanoia* (pdf)