A Right ... or Horrendous Human Activity?

If you will take the time to read my work on the abortion subject, I am totally convinced you will see this issue ... differently. I discuss it from an Evolutionary view, a Humanist view and a Biblical view.

I can guarantee you that I have points in these works you have never heard.

"How (and Why) Abortion Exists in the Weakest Form of ...

... Human Thought and Valuation.”

That’s the full title!

There are 3 systems of thought  (producing values) in humanity: Evolution, Humanism, and Theism.

I address abortion from these three foundational world views.

I do limit the Theism to Biblical Theism.

You will learn here. (67 pages)

Abortion Ebook* (pdf)


"The Stunning Civil Rights Parallels Between ...

... American Slavery and Abortion.”

That’s the full title!

The arguments for slavery and abortion are substantively identical.  Even the industries built upon both human groups have the same dynamics.  In this article, you will learn how the preborn will be legally emancipated apart from Theism - as Evolutionists are adamant pro-lifers!  (14 pages) 

Abortion and Slavery Parallels* (pdf)


"Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Harvesting - A Unique ...


The rest of that title!

Naturalists and Biblical Theists have many objections to embryonic stem cell research and harvesting.

This unique declaration examines the most basic one.  Here is a clue.

What is it called when one consumes another of the same species? (4 pages)

Stem Cell* (pdf)


Abortion, Governing Officials - and the Bible

While there are many facets to the abortion argument, probably one of the most important - and often overlooked ...

 is the role of governing officials in this matter.

Does the Bible say anything about governing officials and abortion?  A must read! (3 pages)

Abortion and Governing Officials* (pdf)


"The Abortion Argument, The Fertile Egg, and The Bible"

The abortion argument begins ... where?

Does it start with the embryo, the first heartbeat, the first brainwave, the beginning of the third trimester ...

or with the fertile egg?

Or should there even be an abortion argument at all - as this entire debate is a privacy right's issue under the full jurisdiction of each individual woman? (3 pages)

Fertile Egg* (pdf)