Evolution, The Theory

It is ... a theory. And that is its pinnacle. It will never become scientific fact for one huge reason. It is not correct.

Many in the varied disciplines are opting for “Intelligent Design" as they become overwhelmed in the unfathomable intricacies of their given discipline. But, this knowledge is withheld from the general public for a host of reasons. Peer pressure, grants, threats to academic positions ... and the general media. 

Bottomline, something that is scientifically untrue can never become scientific fact. Evolution at its pinnacle will remain a theory ... but at its worst, a hoax.

In my ebook, “Death and the Bible” I discuss the origins of death and how this theory and Biblical Creationism (focusing on the existence of death) make these two worldview completely irreconcilable.

We all will make a choice and that will eternally impact our impending ... death.

I Went From a Believer to an Unbeliever ... in Evolution

A point came when I knew it took more faith to believe in Evolution - than the Creation Account of Genesis.

Doubt this?

Here are five basic evolutionary beliefs that require a faith more massive than any faith a Biblical Creationist must muster.

(6 pages ... and is actually an excerpt from “Death and the Bible")

Believer to Unbeliever* (pdf)


Atheism, the Atheist and the Bible

Did you know there are two different kinds of atheists?

It's possible the Bible doesn't even address one of them. But, ... He will.

You gotta read this one. (4 pages)

Atheism, The Atheist and the Bible* (pdf)


Evolution's First Male and the Bible

Of anything that is - there was a first one.

There was a first song, first dollar bill, first ebook.  There also was a first male.

Could evolution get to "him"?

Is the Biblical alternative plausible? (11 pages)

Evolution's First Male* (pdf)


Evolution and Homosexuality

How does homosexuality fit in with evolution?  Is it a “viable alternative lifestyle?” 

Do Evolutionists recognize “civil rights” for man?

God is left out of this document ... and Evolutionists are called upon for answers. (13 pages)

Evolution and Homosexuality* (pdf)


Logic, The Trinity, Naturalism and the Bible

What is more logical - The Trinity or atheistic evolution? (15 pages)

Logic, the Trinity and the Bible* (pdf)