Money, etc.

The “etc.” refers to more than just money. It includes all our resources.  Those resources include how we use our time, our health, our speech ...

Eternal Rewards and the Bible

There are several biblical descriptions for a Christian’s service to God.

Sometimes Christian’s are soldiers, sometimes co-laborers - and sometimes ... slaves.

But, if service is rendered (or required), should one assume there will be no payment for that labor?

Or, is it possible some kind of payment will be granted by God?

If so, what should that payment be?  And are there eligibility “conditions” for such employment?  Don’t skip this one. (3 pages)

Eternal Rewards* (pdf)


Compliance Directives for the Christian's Cash and the Bible

Does it matter to God what we do with our $$ cash?

How high a priority could this possibly be?  I mean ... the Creator  ... and my $$ cash?

And is it even possible the church ... could be a threat to one's compliance in this matter?

Well, "come and see.”  (13 pages)

Cash Compliance* (pdf)